Consultation with diverse communities to address burning issues on Land.
Working together with communities to strengthen their capacity in their quest to effectively claim their Economic,Social and Cultural rights.
Advocating for standardized housing for marginalized poor in informal settlements.
Expert advisory to communities in their struggles to have their rights observed and respected.
Creating platforms for communities to meaningfully participate in decision making processes.
In solidarity with eviction victims; Hakijamii working on policies to stop forced evictions.



Hakijamii and County Government of Nairobi Sectoral Committee on Water and Sanitation discuss on Strategic Plan development and formulation of the Nairobi City Water Service Provision Bill

Written by Hakijamii.

The Economic and Social Rights Centre- Hakijamii was on 30th October 2014 invited by the County Government of Nairobi Sectoral Committee on Water and Sanitation to participate in facilitation of the Sectoral Strategic Planning and a discussion on formulation of Nairobi City Water Service Provision Bill. The workshop was held at Sai Rock Lodge in Mombasa o 31st and 1st of October 2014.


Hakijamii Holds a two day Non-Residential Forum on the Eviction and Resettlemnt Bill Vis a Vis Role of Law Enforcers in Promoting Humane Evictions

Written by Hakijamii.

On 23rd & 24th October 2014, Hakijamii held a two day forum in Mombasa with law enforcers on their role in promoting humane evictions.  The meeting had a total of 45 participants drawn from police force, county administrators from (Kisauni, Likoni, Jomvu and Changamwe sub counties), chiefs and civil society organizations. This was a maiden meeting for the organization to interact with law enforcers and support from the deputy county commissioner of Mombasa Mr. Charles Akwanalo made it a success. The context discussed in the forum included:


Hakijamii joins other NGOs to call for quick passing of the Freedom of Information Bill and push for Citizen Participation in Governance Processess

Written by Hakijamii.

Failure by Parliament to enact the Freedom of Information Bill 2012 is threatening democracy and good governance, experts have warned. The experts drawn from the civil society and Non-Governmental Organizations further cautioned that a similar reluctance by county governments to enact County Citizens Participation Bills jeopardises public participation in governance and budget making processes as espoused in the Constitution. This, they say, could lead to misappropriation—even plunder of resources—especially at the counties, whose resource-base could rise to over Sh400 billion should the clamour to increase state funding to devolved units succeed.



 About Economic & Social Rights Centre (Hakijamii)

Hakijamii is a national human rights organization founded and registered in 2004 as a non-governmental organization (NGO). Its core agenda is to support and work with marginalized groups, especially in urban areas, to advocate for their economic and social rights. The organization partners with civil society organizations and marginalized community groups to advocate for realization of economic & social rights which are now guaranteed in Article 43 of the constitution.

Our vision 

A society that guarantees the protection, promotion and fulfillment of all rights for people.

Our Mission

To amplify the voices of vulnerable individuals and groups to effectively and directly participate in advocating for the realization of their economic, social and cultural rights in Kenya and live in dignity.

Putting People First