Consultation with diverse communities to address burning issues on Land.
Working together with communities to strengthen their capacity in their quest to effectively claim their Economic,Social and Cultural rights.
Advocating for standardized housing for marginalized poor in informal settlements.
Expert advisory to communities in their struggles to have their rights observed and respected.
Creating platforms for communities to meaningfully participate in decision making processes.
In solidarity with eviction victims; Hakijamii working on policies to stop forced evictions.



Hakijamii and Western Water and Sanitation Program hold a Capacity Building Workshop on Budget Process and Strategies of Engagement in Kakamega County

Written by Hakijamii.

With the support of Ford Foundation and Misereor, Hakijamii organized a two days Capacity Building Workshop on Budget Process and Strategies of Engagement in Kakamega County. The venue of the workshop was AFCEA Church Malava. The church is located opposite Total Petrol Station along Kakamega-Webuye road and at the edge of Malava Forest. The workshop was attended by 40 community members from Lulambi, Ikolomani, Malava and Shinyalu Sub-Counties.


Legal, Policy Gaps Expose Kenya to Exploitation in Extractive Process

Written by Hakijamii.

Policy gaps relating to extractive industries have exposed Kenyans to massive economic exploitation by foreign mining firms. The problem is compounded by legal and policy vacuums which could undermine oil and gas revenue collection and accountability as well as leading to human rights violations. Regionally, oil exploration is shrouded by a lot of secrecy and only the top government officials in-charge of the portfolio get to know the intricacies of the production sharing contracts. This has left a lot of room for exploitation and corruption both from the government and multinationals, and posed serious challenges for oversight.


Hakijamii holds a Two Day Community Training and Awareness Workshop In Turkana on the Impact of Extractive Industries, Community Development and Livelihood Change at Hellena Groove Hotel

Written by Hakijamii.

On 16th and 17th January 2014, Hakijamii organized a two day community training and awareness workshop in Turkana County on the “Impact of Extractive Industries, Community Development and Livelihood Change”. The workshop was held at Helena Groove Hotel. The first session of the meeting involved giving updates from the different sub counties in Turkana County with representatives giving status reports regarding oil exploration from their areas. The reports mainly focused on the impact that areas have felt from the activities that are ongoing and the various interventions that the players have been able to put in place. It was evident that there has been a lot of conflict between the firms doing oil exploration and the local community.


February 2015


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