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Putting People First

Policy, Research and Budgeting

The Constitution of Kenya 2010 guarantees citizens participation in public affairs and governance processes. However, their participation must be meaningful for positive and progressive realization of economic and social rights. Policy research and budgeting program encompass effort to resolve social problems and particularly economic and social rights through continuous research whereby alternative policy actions for resolving the problem are developed, and communicated to the policymakers for informed decision making.

The research findings is also shared with communities/ citizens to meaningfully engage duty bearers to inform pro-poor policy formulation and implementation. The program conducts policy analysis and evidence-based advocacy for policy reforms to safeguard the rights of the marginalized in the community as well as enhance policy implementation at national and county level.

Budget analysis determines resource allocation patterns and financial accountability at the national and county levels on our key thematic areas of interventions. We strengthen the capacity of people’s organizations to effectively and directly participate in governmental decision-making on the realization of economic and social rights as well as in holding duty bearers accountable for the realization of these rights through legal, political and social accountability mechanisms.

The program champions substantive human development through people-led bottom-up developmental policy making, planning, budgeting and developmental implementation that meets the urgent needs of vulnerable and marginalized communities to enhance human dignity and ensure shared developmental prosperity for all sections of the society.


With a notable background as a Senior Legal Advisor at the Council of Governors, she provided invaluable legal and technical guidance to several committees for six years. Her contributions to various pivotal government Taskforces include involvement in the development of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Policy, the identification and transfer of assets and liabilities related to devolved functions, and the creation of the National Water and Sanitation Investment and Financing Plan. She has also served as a Board of Director at the Kenya Forest Service.

Key Responsibility

Her multifaceted skill set encompasses policy and legislative development, public participation, lobbying and advocacy, research, and program management. She excels in coordinating key partners, including the national and sub-national governments, as well as development partners. In addition to her professional affiliations with the Law Society of Kenya (LSK), ICJ, and FIDA Kenya, Zipporah is a dedicated advocate for human rights, equality, and community development. She firmly believes that strong communities are the cornerstone of a just and equitable society.

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