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Media, Advocacy & Communications

Terry Boke

Terry is a Media & Communications professional who leverages on the power of impactful storytelling to champion human rights causes, including but not limited to gender equality, education, and healthcare. Her keen interests extend to issues affecting marginalized women and girls, where her advocacy transcends social media activism to hands-on community engagement and empowerment efforts.

Over the course of her career, Terry has consistently demonstrated her reliability and ability to work seamlessly with international NGOs, local human rights organizations, and private institutions. She fulfills roles as a communication specialist, rapporteur, and social media manager, effectively managing and amplifying the messages of every organization she collaborates with.


Her skills, unwavering passion for humanity, and steadfast dedication are pivotal in advancing the causes that are most critical in our world today.

Key Responsibility

Her versatile skill set enables her to craft compelling multimedia content through various mediums such as videos, photos, and graphics. Her expertise spans across Public Relations, Media Relations, Photography, Video Production and Editing, Digital Content Creation, Branding & Design, Social Media Management and Rapporteuring.

Personal Skills

Design & Development Support
User Experience & Research
Product Design
Design & Development Support