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Executive Director

Zipporah Muthama

Zipporah is a passionate advocate for human rights, equality, and community development, firmly believing that strong communities form the bedrock of a just and equitable society. Driven by her dedication for human rights, she has actively engaged with vulnerable populations, such as women, children, refugees, and asylum seekers, assisting them in asserting their rights. Her impactful contributions to advocacy, legislative review and development have successfully secured the rights of these marginalized communities.


Her professional journey extends to sub-Saharan Africa, where she worked with human rights organizations dedicated to safeguarding the rights of the vulnerable. Zipporah possesses a diverse skill set encompassing policy and legislative development, public participation, lobbying and advocacy, research, and program management.

Key Responsibility

As an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya, Zipporah holds a Master's Degree in Public Management in International Cooperation from Kehl University, Germany with a specialization in African-European and Intra-African Relations. This underscores her commitment to fostering cooperation and understanding between regions. Her wealth of experience and expertise spans critical areas such as devolution, intergovernmental relations, public policy, human rights, and governance. Zipporah's commitment to creating positive change and championing the rights of the vulnerable makes her a formidable force in the realm of human rights and community development.

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